When it comes to advertising your business, technology has made it so that there are many different options available to you.  With the new ways of advertising comes the skepticism towards the older ways.

Do billboards still work?  Yes, but only if you do them the right way.  Here is a quick list of some ways that you can make billboards work for you.

Get the Right Lighting

Your billboards need to be visible at night, and that is why using LED billboard lighting is such a good idea.  The benefit here is that LED lighting will illuminate the entirety of your billboard so that it will be completely visible at all times.

Many people drive at night, and so the placement of a billboard with the right lighting can really help to advertise your brand.

LED billboard lighting

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards allow you to share billboard space with other companies.  This means that you can significantly lower your advertising costs for a specific billboard space.  Basically, a digital billboard will cycle through ads from a number of different companies, which allows multiple companies to share the exact same ad space and save some money on their ads.

Video Billboards

High definition video technology has reached the billboard industry, and it works great for areas with large amounts of people.  Rather than just a traditional still picture, you can show off an entire video ad in the space of a billboard.

This is generally the most expensive of the three options, but it also might be the most effective if done right.  Usually, you will want to gain access to areas of high foot traffic, as people who are driving will generally not have the time to watch an entire video.

Whichever method you use, billboards can still work.